“Over the past 29 years we’ve brought 8 cats to The Wolcott Veterinary Clinic. You always take the necessary time and give that extra level of care to make our cats comfortable while being thorough in your examinations and meeting all their healthcare needs. Dr. Merza and the entire staff provide first class service. Everyone always takes the time to listen and answer any questions that we have and everyone genuinely cares. Even when we come in with crazy pet parent questions.  Our area is incredibly fortunate to have Wolcott Veterinary here to provide such an invaluable service to pet-lovers and those beloved animals we treasure as members of the family.  We couldn’t imagine trusting Oskar, Sasha and Lydia to anyone else, and we tell everyone about you who even mentions that they have a new pet or need to take their pet to a vet. We know you love our pets and we thank you for the great care they receive from you!”
Cathy & Kevon Huntley in Southington

I live in NYC and do not have easy transportation to get to Wolcott Veterinary Clinic, but my love and trust in Dr. Merza makes it a priority for me. There is no other vet that I have ever come across with her knowledge, ability, and work ethic (not to mention her sunny disposition).

I came across Dr. Merza in an emergency situation with one of my dogs and was amazed by her skill, confidence, knowledge of the rare situation, and continued interest in research. She is always impressing me with the latest medical findings she has been reading about, and I appreciate her ability to honestly say when she does not have the answer to something but will do the research to find the best solution.

I am very happy to have followed her to her new home at the Wolcott veterinary clinic and my dogs have enjoyed the loving kind treatment of all who work there.

Bridie Myles
Instagram @thelilgremlins

bergen1“I have been a client of Wolcott Vet for over 25 years. Dr. Merza and the entire staff are so caring and compassionate when it comes to your pet and to your feelings. I love how they explain all of your options and when you ask “What would you do”, they give you an honest answer even if it’s not what you really want to hear. I live in New Britain and travel to Wolcott for my pets and I wouldn’t ever consider changing Doctors.”-Georgette Bergen