Wellness Exams

Routine Examinations

Whether your pet is a youngster, a “senior citizen,” or any age in between, wellness examinations provide an excellent opportunity for us to evaluate the overall health and well-being of your pet. Our pets do not react to discomfort, pain or illness the way we do. Problems can often be missed without regular physical examinations by a skilled veterinarian. Early detection of underlying issues is often the key to correcting or managing small problems before they become big ones.

This is also an excellent time for us to discuss any routine diagnostic testing that may benefit your pet or to recommend any vaccinations that may be due. It is also your chance to have us address your questions or concerns about your pet. No question is too small or too silly; we would rather tell you there is nothing to worry about, than have you regret not bringing up a problem sooner. Call us to schedule your pets’ wellness exam now.